Volume 14, Issue 4, Autumn 2019, Page 1-256

Simulation of CZTS(Se)4 Tandem Solar Cells By AFORS-HET Software

Buthina M. Jandary; Ayed N. Saleh

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 8-26
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.2

In this work, solar cells were simulated single, mechanically and monolithically stacked based on the CZTS (Se) 4 absorption layer, both layers of tandem solar cell were simulated using by AFORS-HET software (one-dimensional ). Electrical properties of the monolithical tandem cell, it's determined after the current matching to the top and bottom sub-cell. The short circuit current density Jsc is about 23.9 mA. cm-2 when the top cell thickness is 384 nm in conjunction with the 1000 nm bottom cell thickness. The maximum efficiency obtained is approximately 23.1% with an open circuit voltage Voc ~ 1146.9 mv. The efficiency of the mechanical tandem cell with series connection was 23.76 % at open circuit voltage Voc ~ 1166.9 mv and the efficiency about 26.62 % at open circuit voltage Voc ~ 475.2 mv for mechanical tandem cell with parallel connection when the both cells had the same thickness(1000nm)..

Heavy Metals Contamination and Human Health Risk Assessment in Shallow Groundwater Wells in Qara-Hanjeer Sub-basin, NE Kirkuk -Iraq

soran N. alsaraf; Refan S. AbdulRahman

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 27-45
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.3

Groundwater is one of the main sources for human consumption, and irrigation in arid and semi-arid rejoins in the world. Local peoples in the agricultural areas of Iraq generally consume shallow groundwater from farm wells. This study aims to evaluate health risk due to heavy metals contamination such as (Fe, Co, Zn, Ni, Mn, As, Cu, Cr, Mo and Pb) in groundwater from Qara-hanjeer sub-basin (NE Kirkuk-Iraq). The quantification of contamination index based on heavy metals; Cd, HPI and MI showed that anthropogenic activities have not modified the groundwater chemistry at least in a large scale. Health risk assessment model revealed that Hazard Quotient (HQ) values for both (HQing), (HQdrm) and HI for the heavy elements within water samples for dry and wet seasons were all significantly lower than (1) for the child and adults, suggesting no potential non-carcinogenic health risks via dermal exposure. However accessible concentrations of (Zn), (Mo) and (Pb) in some wells in the southern area of the study indicates that it is possible that over time and with increasing in concentrations of these elements in groundwater as a result of seepage of wastewater or sewage to the well, we have the environmental problems in the mentioned area..

Synthesis and Identification of Some New Thiazole Derivatives which Derived from Pyrazoline Compounds and Evaluation the Antibacterial Activity of Some of them

Ahmed A. H. Al-kadhimi; Mohsin Omar Mohammed; Ghazwan Thamir Qasim

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 46-62
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.4

In this study some new derivatives of thiazole compounds were successfully prepared in two steps with high yields. The first step included a synthesis of a new series of pyrazoline (1a-1i) using a one-pot three components reaction. The reaction between (acetophenone4-nitroacetophenone), different substituted benzaldehyde compounds and thiosemicarbazide in absolute ethanol as a solvent with heating at reflux provided the new series of pyrazoline derivatives in a short reaction times. In the second step, the pyrazoline compounds (1a-1i) refluxed with 4-bromophenacyl bromide in absolute ethanol to produce thiazole compounds (2a-2i) in high yields. The Infra-red technique (FT-IR) was used to identify the synthesised compounds and the proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technique (1H-NMR) was used to identify som of them. .

Protective Effect of Hypericum Triquetrifolium Aqueous Extract on Biochemical and Histopathological Parameters in Hyperlipidemic Male Rats

Youns Saleh Mustafa; Kalthum Asaaf Maulood

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 63-88
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.5

Hypericum triquetrifolium is an herbaceous perennial plant, numerous of the bioactive compound are present in it that is responsible for several biological functions. Aim of this research the protective effect of aqueous extract of Hypericum triquetrifolium on some biochemical parameters and histopathological study in hyperlipidemic male rats. Thirty-six male albino rats were divided into six groups, control group (fed with standard pellet), hyperlipidemia group , three ,four and five groups hyperlipidemic rats treated with aqueous extract of Hypericum triquetrifolium in different dosage (1000,2000,3000) mg/kg body weight, respectively, and last group hyperlipidemic rats treated with rosuvastatin drug 10 mg/kg for 60 days . The results showed that the body weight, serum cholesterol, triglyceride, low-density lipoprotein, very low-density lipoprotein, cholesterol/high-density lipoprotein ratio, and hepatic enzymes increased significantly (p˂0.05) in hyperlipidemia group when compared with control group, but Hypericum triquetrifolium have ability to reduction the level of body weight, serum cholesterol, triglyceride, low-density lipoprotein, very low-density lipoprotein, cholesterol/high-density lipoprotein ratio, as well as the low dose of H. triquetrifolium nonsignificantly (p>0.05), prevent to increase liver enzymes, conversely the level of liver enzymes in rosuvastatin group treatment increased when compared with other treated and untreated groups. Noticeable damage of histology in testis showed degeneration in the germinal layer and fat change in liver of hyperlipidemia and rosuvastatin group, the low dose of H. triquetrifolium has beneficial effect on sperm parameters and histology of testis and liver. The quantity of aqueous extract of Hypericum triquetrifolium and antioxidant power of this plant have an essential role in their activity. Hypericum triquetrifolium .

Purification, Estimation of Indole Acetic Acid of the Yeasts Kodamaea Ohmeri –AR1and Rhodotorula Mucilaginosa –AR and Determination of the Optimium Environmental Conditions for Its Production

Essam D. Sulyman; Arwa SH. Thanon

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 89-108
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.6

The results indicated that (5) isolates only of yeasts of them have proved their ability for IAA production with different concentrations. Best yeast isolates where chosen for IAA production the yeast; K. ohmeri –AR1and Rh.mucilaginosa –AR the best isolates to produced 109 and 107 g/ml for each of them respectively, when grown on YPG media at 28℃ for 5 days. Spectrophotometer were used for this purpose. The highest production of IAA were noticed when incubated for 7 days and reached 222.2 and 217.6 g/ml respectively. Results also declared that glucose was the best carbon source the production of IAA for K.ohmeri –AR1and manitol for Rh.mucilaginosa –AR and reached 119.4 and 58.3 g/ml respectively. While trypton was the better source of nitrogen and gave 149.0 g/ml for K.ohmeri –AR1and pepton for Rh.mucilaginosa –AR with 68.4 g/ml. Result also showed that pH level played an important role on the production of IAA where the high output was discovered at pH 6 for the growth of K.ohmeri –AR1gave 267.9 and pH 7 produced 246.5 g/ml for Rh.mucilaginosa-AR . The highest concentration of IAA production was noticed when tryptophan was used at 0.3% for growing of Rh.mucilaginosa –AR and 0.4% for K.ohmeri –AR1 where hormone production was about 191.3 and 202.8 g/ml for each of them respectively. The estimation of IAA was also done by HPLC which gave 96 g/ml of IAA for K.ohmeri –AR1and 44 g/ml for Rh.mucilaginosa-AR . Rh.mucilaginosa-AR .

Preparation and Study the Effect of Nano Zinc Oxide Particles Upon Some Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Epoxy Resin

Kadhim N. Abed

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 109-130
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.7

Nanoparticles of zinc oxide are prepared by three different chemical methods. The first one includes mixing of zinc nitrate (hexa – H2O) with solution of sodium hydroxide (0.4N) at a ratio of (2:1) (sampleN1). In the second method, ammonium bicarbonate solution mixed with zinc sulfate (0.2M) at a ratio of (1:2) (sampleN2). The third method includes mixing of zinc nitrate (hexa – H2O) with sodium hydroxide (0.6N) at a ratio of (2:1) (sampleN3), were solution of starch added as fixing agent for nanoparticles. The nanoparticles examined by X– ray diffraction technique. in addition to transmission electronic microscope to determine the volume of nanoparticles. Composites are prepared by mixing nanoparticles of zinc oxide with epoxy resin. Mechanical properties measurement showed that the hardness value of the sample (EP+N3) was (103.38) due to Shore is better than the values of the other prepared samples (EP, EP+N2, EP+N1). Also, the composite (EP+N3) showed good compressive strength which was (163.71 MPa). The value of thermal conductivity of the mentioned composite was (6.41W m-1 0K-1) which indicates good thermal properties. However, the study showed that the Epoxy resin has a good response to form important composites with zinc oxide nanoparticles..

Effect of Nano Silica Nano Alumina and Short Carbon Fiber Addition on Mechanical and Physical Properties of Blend Epoxy – Polyester

Husnyia H. Thanon Albyate; Ayad Awad Mohammed Al jaboury

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 131-149
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.8

Preparation blend Epoxy, Polyester (EP95% , UPE 5%) reinforced by nano silica (SiO2) of grain sizes (30nm), Nano Alumina (Al2O3) of grain sizes (30nm) and short carbon fiber (C.F) With volume fraction 15%, for all prepared samples. Mechanical test (such as Tensile , Brinel hardness) was done in order to determine Tensile strength, young modulus, Tensile Fracture and physical test such as thermal and electrical (dielectric constant) in order to determine thermal conductivity and dielectric constant. The result shows that the addition of SiO2, Al2O3 and C.F to the blend (EP+ UPE) enchanted the mechanical properties at normal condition, the young modulus (E) is 36.1 MPa, and Tensile strength (T.S) is 7.80 MPa for blend (UPE5% EP95%). But these values changed with reinforcing to become 114.5 MPa, 16.61 MPa for sample A1, 601 MPa, 34.95 MPa for sample A2 and 394 MPa, 36.93 MPa for sample A3 respectivitly. the results showed that the high values hardness was for sample A1, A2, A3 than blend A. and the high values hardness value was for sample A3. About the physical properties, It was found that the reinforcing with SiO2, Al2O3 powder and short carbon fiber Lead to increased thermal conductivity (K)from0.282 W/m.oC for A to(0.321, 0.368, 0.518) W/m.oC for A1, A2, A3 respectivitly and while the dielectric constant (Ɛr) decreased and with changed from 1.5 to (1.49 , 0.95 , 0.94) for A1, A2, A3 respectively. .

Evaluation of Engineering Properties of Rocks from Selected Location from Sikanian Region-Kirkuk / NE Iraq

Elaf Mohammed Shaker; Burkan Saeed Othman

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 150-164
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.9

The research included the study of some Geotechnical properties of selected Locations from the Sikanian region, which is Miocene – Pliocene and quaternary deposits. The study area located in the northeastern part of kirkuk governorate. The samples were collected from four sites. Moisture content, dry density, porosity, sciemic wave velocity, and uniaxial compressive strength tests were conducted of the rock samples in the laboratory. The results of petrophysical tests showed that the Dry Density ranged between (1.38-2.58) gm.cm-3 and Porosity between (13.22- 24.5)%. The uniaxail compresive strength results ranged between (6.71-52.45) Mpa The seismic velocity of the sandstone was higher than the seismic velocity of the claystone and showed a good positive correlation between Dynamic and Mechanic properties, This relation can be used to find and extract Uniaxial compressive strength values for sandstone and claystone of Sikanian region in the case of absence of standard sample. .

Study the Foundation Effect on the Hydrodynamic Bearing Performance.

Ibrahem A. Muhsin; Hawazen N. Shubat

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 165-182
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.10

The hydrodynamic bearings are important components of most of the rotary parts in different applications. The current study examines the performance of the traditional type, which is the most common because they are easy to the manufactured, relatively low cost, but they have low stability compared with other type because they have large values for the cross coupling stiffness coefficients, which are responsible for the whirl phenomenon. The mathematical model was constructed and the equations of the thickness change oil film were presented. In addition to the mathematical formula of Reynolds equation, the numerical solution was adopted to solve it using a (five-nodes) scheme method and it is solved using the (MATLAB) software. The oil film and the foundation were considered as springs that were connected to each other in series and the equivalent stiffness coefficient are calculated. The results showed that taking the foundation effect into account reduces the overall values of the stiffness coefficient. The results showed that the use of different materials in the covering leads to a decrease in the equivalent stiffness coefficient value depending on the layer thickness of the covering. The method of partial covering caused an important of some of stiffness coefficient and decrease..

Evaluation of Combining Ability for Second Fillial Populations in the Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) Depends on Half Diallel Cross

Noor A. Ibrahim; Gassim M. Aziz AL-Gubori; Akeil Hussain AL.Aassi

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 183-205
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.11

The study was carried out in Agricultural Research station of College of Agriculture/ Tikrit University at 17/11/2016, the population of second filial were planted for half diallel crosses by 45 crosses with its ten parents: (PO6-OO1FB/FL, PO6-OO2FB/FL, PO6-OO3FB/FL, PO6-OO5FB/FL, PO6-OO9FB/FL, PO6-OO11FB/FL, PO6-OO13FB/FL, PO6-OO14FB/FL, Syrian Local large and Aguadolce) of Faba Bean crop (Vicia faba L.) by using Randomise Complete Block Design (R.C.B.D) by three replicates, the evaluation of the genotypes was showed surpassing of the parent (2) for five traits: (number of the days for 50% flowering, plant height, leaf area, number of the seeds in the pod and single plant yield) the parent (5) was surpassed in two traits: (number of the branches, and biological yield) the parent (8) in two traits: (seed yield and harvest index), the parent (9) was surpassed in yield efficiency and the parent (7) in the number of the pod and the parent (3) in seed weight trait the crosses (1×5), (1×6), (1×10), (2×9), (3×5), (5×9), (6×7), (7×9), (3×10) and (8×10) in the traits: (number of the days for 50% flowering, plant height, leaf area, number of the branches, number of the pods, number of the seeds in the pod, weight of the seed, single plant yield, seed yield, biological yield, harvest index and yield efficiency). The combining ability effect results the parent (2) had significant effect for general combining ability to desired direction, and the excessing for all the traits except the traits: (number of the pods, weight of seeds, seed yield, biological yield, harvest index and yield efficiency) also the parent (8) gave significant effect for general combining ability to desired direction for the traits: (number of the days for 50% flowering, weight of seed, yield of the seeds, biological yield and harvest index) the parent (9) for the traits: (number of the branches, number of the seeds in the pod, weight of the seed, single plant yield and yield efficiency) therefor it may useful to use these parents and entered them in the crosses program in the future The more crosses which surpassed in the effects of specific combining ability were: (2×7) and (4×6) for nine traits, (5×9) for eight traits, (5×6), (8×9) and (8×10) for seven traits, (1×10), (1×3) and (5×10) for six traits, (1×2), (1×8), (2×9), (3×6), (3×7), (3×8), (4×7) and (9×10) for five traits, (1×4), (1×5), (1×7), (3×4). (3×10), (4×10), (5×8), (6×7) and (6×8) for four traits and nine crosses for three traits. The best parents which transport its performance in the traits for its generations regularly were: the parent (1) for the days to 50% flowering, the parent (2) for plant height, leaf area, biological yield and single plant yield, the parent (3) and (5) for number of the pods, the parent (6) for harvest index, the parent (9) for number of the branches, number of the seeds and yield efficiency, the parent(8) for seed weight and seed yield, so it can use these parents and its crosses for the aim of transporting the genes and selection for desired traits..

Preparation of A Catalyst Used in Hydrogenation Processes

Ali Omairi Mohammad; Thaer Abd Hallo; Farah Kh. H. Al-juboory

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 206-216
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.12

In this paper, the preparation of nickel catalyst supported on gamma alumina with high surface area was done; nickel sulphate was used as a source of nickel. Impregnation method was used in the preparation with two-stage, as it is known cannot use this method to prepare catalysts with a high content of metal Despite the ease and simplicity of it, so the solution is fragmented into two parts and download each part separately. Nickel content was measured in solution by atomic absorption device as well as the comparison was made between the prepared catalyst and commercial catalyst by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray deflection (XRD). (XRD) .

Effect of Two Types of Yeast Suspension Kodamaea ohmeri- AR1and Rodotorula mucilaginosa -AR on the Growth Characters of Seedling Wheat Plant in the Growth Chamber

Essam D. Sulyman; Arwa SH. Thanon

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 217-235
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.13

Suspension of two yeast types one of them isolated from soil and the other from yellow apple, Kodamaea ohmeri –AR1and Rhodotorula mucilaginosa –AR were used to determine their ability to enhance the growth of seelding wheat plant and improve it's growth characters. Results showed that plants inoculated with each type of the yeasts and planted on water agar medium caused significant root elongation with 9.1 and 8.6 cm respectively as compared to non-inoculated plants which was 6.6 cm. Seeds treated with yeast suspension and planted on peatmoss encouraged plant growth and improve growth characters of the plant and gave seedling hight and radical length equall to 22.7, 22.1 cm and 14.0, 12.9 cm as compared to un inoculated control plants with 19.0 and 8.2 cm respectively. Also increased the dry weight of shoot and root system by 0.030, 0.028, 0.035, 0.032 g/ plant-1 comparing with the un inoculated controls by 0.020 and 0.023 g / plant-1 for each of Rhodotorula mucilaginosa -AR and Kodamaea ohmeri –AR1respectively. Moreover increased the number of lateral roots and leaf area signitfcautly by 6.3, 6.1 and 6.3, 6.0 cm2 whereas for control plants it reached 4.6 and 4.8 cm2 respectively. Inoculated wheat seeldings with each of two type yeast suspension enhanced all test growth parameters high seeldings، length root، soft weight of vegetable total، soft weight of root total, dry weight of vegetable total, dry weight of root total, number of lateral root, paper area as well as chlorophyll content of the plants as compared with controls. ).

Spectrophotometric Method for Estimation of Promethazine- HCl in Pharmaceutical Formulation Based on Oxidative Coupling with the Reagent m-Amino Benzoic Acid in Presence of N-Bromosuccinimide.

Mohammad Salim Abdulaziz; Aseen N. Shareef; Mohsin Hamza Bakir

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 236-256
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2019.14.4.14

An easy, rapid and sensitive novel spectrophotometric method for estimation of trace amounts of Promethazine-HCl in aqueous solution is described. The method is based on using the oxidative coupling reaction of Promethazine-HCl with m-amino benzoic acid reagent at pH1.2 in the presence of N-bromosuccinimide to produce an intense green color, water soluble, product which exhibit maximum absorbance at 592 nm. Beer's law is obeyed over concentration range of (2-26 µg/ml), with a Ԑ 9.754×〖10〗^3 l/mol.cm, Coefficient determination (R2=0.9991). Sandell̕s index of 0.03289 µg/cm^2, the average recovery is 100.396 %, RSD does not exceed 0.3096 %, LOD of 0.1949 µg/m1 and LOQ of 0.5905 µg/m1. The proposed method was applied successfully for determination of PMZH in its pharmaceutical formulations..