Keywords : governance

Automatic Enrollment System for Student Dormitory

Kamal Hasan Jihad

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2018, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 68-81
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2018.145716

The Directorate of Dormitories at the University of Kirkuk offers full accommodated rooms to the male and female students. However, the directorate registers and assigns the accommodations manually. Therefore, a visiting has been made to the directorate to identify the problems of this system. It is found that the manual system suffers from several issues such as wasting time, losing data and extra charges in documenting students' information. Additionally, delays in replying to students’ enquiries, and ignoring their discipline in distributing them among the accommodations. This paper proposes using an e-governance system to tackle the identified problems. The proposed system permits the student to register online and provides him/her with an id card. The id card consists of a serial number, ISBN and student's room information in the accommodation. To design the system, a number of programming languages is used: (PHP, HTML, JAVA SCRIPT and CSS). Furthermore, SPSS software has implemented to evaluate the system. The evaluation has shown significant merits in terms of the reliability and speeding up of assigning rooms to the students among the accommodations. The distribution of the students is according to students discipline. Furthermore, the system determines the capacity of each accommodation precisely. Moreover, decreasing in time wasting and tiredness that may students face in the traditional manual system. Additionally, reducing the physical contact between the students and the employees. Consequently, the proposed system gathers students' information in an electronic archiving which may lead to easiness in importing their information in the future.