Keywords : temperature

Calculation the Drought Index and Determination the Type of Climate for the Rainy Months in the Selected Stations in Iraq

Jawdet Hidayat Mohammed

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 2, Pages 63-78
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2020.15.2.5

This Study aims to calculate the drought index by application the de Martine equation and determine the type of climate for rainy months in the three selected stations in Iraq (Mosul, Baghdad and Nasiriya) by use data of (Rainfall and Temperature) for the period ranged (1970 to 2010), which was recorded from the "Iraqi Meteorological Organization and seismology" in Baghdad.
The results appears that the climate is humid in the months (December and January), the climate is variable between (wet and semiarid) in the months (February, March, April and November), while the climate is variable between (semiarid and arid) in the months (May and October) as a result of variation the values of (Rainfall and Temperature) for rainy months in the three studying stations.
In this research the relationship between values of drought index and the rainfall amount and temperatures has been showing by calculation the correlation coefficient and also obtained simple linear regression by applying program of Microsoft excel (2010), the results indicated the existence of strong linear correlation between the drought index and rainfall in the three studying stations values between (0.96) – (0.98), while the results showed the occurring of strong inverse correlation between the drought index and temperatures in the three studying stations values between (-0.93) – (-0.98) in the three stations.


Hussein Ali Mohammed; Dr-SABAH.J. FATHI

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies, 2009, Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages 35-47
DOI: 10.32894/kujss.2009.40109

samples of high temperature superconductors(Bi2 Ba2 Ca1 Cu2 O7-δ) [System2212] were prepared by solid state reaction method with different sintering temperature (i.e790,830,860,890). C°
X-ray analysis techniques were used to examine the structure of the compound, the study showed ,that the sample prepared during sintering temparture at 860 ċ exhibite tetragonal phase with lattice parameter, (a=b=5.43A° ,c=31.55 A°) while the compound prepared at 890C° Exhibit achange of structure from (tetragonal to orthorhombic) phase this is due to decreasing in(c) axise and increasing in the other two axises (a,b)and the value of lattice parameters were
a=5.45A° , b=5.48A° ,c=30,9 5A°
Electric resistivity method were used to determine the critica temperature T
of these compounds using liquid nitrogen cryostat
the compounds prepared at [790,830,860 and 890]. C°Showed Tc volues of [89, 101.5,121.0 and85]k respective and the values of Oxygen content is[6.25,6.43,6.51,and6.75]
The change of TC values can be explained on the basis that increasing the sintering temperature produces a more uniform crystal structure and an increased oxygen content in the compound .